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Portable fire extinguishers that are easily accessible and fully functional and can use to protect occupants and prevent property damage. They also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Photo Fire Protection has five years of experience in Toronto and provides fire extinguisher installations, inspection, maintenance, and recharging services to industrial and commercial businesses across the country. Our licensed technicians can help businesses choose and install the correct type of fire extinguishers to suit their needs according to NFPA codes and local AHJ regulations. Each device is thoroughly inspected, and employees are taught how to use the hand-operated fire extinguishers. Monitored fire extinguishers are also available that can electronically monitor for pressure, obstructions, extinguisher removal, and more. You will be notified when the extinguisher has been removed from its mounting, intentionally or not. Annual maintenance and inspection are required for portable units. Our customers often hire us to train their employees in the monthly review. We also provide yearly maintenance, recharges, and testing as needed. We can manage the entire program for some of our customers.