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In planning, installing, maintaining, upgrading, and repairing door entry & intercom systems, mainly in Toronto, Photo Fire Protection is a reputable name. We provide a full-service, reasonably priced intercom system installation for any size home, commercial, industrial, or high-security application.

We know how crucial it is to have a dependable, user-friendly intercom system that can be utilized for security and communication. We provide expert intercom system installation services for all kinds of intercom systems. We have specialists on staff that can install anything, from simple intercoms to intricate video surveillance systems, so you can relax knowing the job will be done correctly.

Whether you need a new intercom system installation or an old one repairing, we have covered you with skilled experts who will do the task swiftly and effectively. We put a lot of effort into having your intercom installation up and running as soon as possible because we realize how crucial it is for your business to stay connected

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Door Phone-A two-way communication system, such as a door phone or intercom doorbell, is used to grant admission into a building and is excellent for tightening access control.

Wireless Door Intercom System-With these door intercom system installations, you may speak hands-free. They are appropriate for households and workplaces and vary in price and features based on the brand.

Video Intercom System- By using a camera and call button at your front entrance, video intercom systems installation enables you to identify visitors using a video or CCTV camera. The types and technologies of video intercom kits vary; some have exterior cameras with night vision, and some may be controlled from the comfort of your home using a smartphone. 

For both residential and commercial premises, we offer intercom installation services. Our experts can handle everything from small businesses to big corporations like yours. Once we begin, you will only have a piece of mind over this project.

Look no further whether you want to establish the latest intercom installation or wish to enhance your current system. The new system's design can be fully integrated with your existing security systems to increase security. We can design the new system to be stylish and reliable for years to come. We can provide video entry systems to suit your budget, ranging from low-cost to crystal-finished luxury intercom system installation.

Intercom Installation System- Why is it important?

A professional intercom phone system installation will strengthen the access control of your house, business, or organization. Interaction becomes easy with those within your property via an intercom system, assuring you that your surroundings are secure. Our intercom installation services are for everyone, depending on their needs and budget; whether you're searching for a classic alarm system or a wireless intercom system, we can provide you with all.

Ensure you get the right one because intercom system installation security is a crucial concern for both homes and companies. With years of experience and complete knowledge, the Photo Fire protection team advises you on which intercom technology is suitable for your needs.